One Week Ultimate Werewolf

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You have just one week to find a werewolf

It seemed like a good idea at the time: a weeklong vacation at famed Ludwig Castle. You and your friends laughed off the ridiculous rumors about it being a haven for werewolves. But now, deep in the maze of rooms that comprise the castle, you realize that the rumors seem to have some validity; you're not sure whom to trust. Each night you search for clues, and while you might be getting closer to the truth, you're also putting yourself at risk. Before the week is over, you'll need to know who the werewolf is... and it might just be you.

One Week Ultimate Werewolf takes the exciting gameplay of One Night ULtimate Werewolf and twists it up in a knot, with increasing tensionas you venture into the special rooms of Ludwig Castle. Each room provides a special power, and those powers are the key to figuring out the mystery of who among you is a werewolf. Roles can be viewed and switched several times over before all is said and done, and the final vote takes place.

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