Palaces of Carrara 2nd Edition - (Pre-Order)

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You are the head of a noble family who has received orders from the Royal Palace to beautify 6 cities in the region. Utilizing valuable blocks of marble from the famed quarries in Carrara, you will construct buildings, add decorations, and place statues to fill the cities with marble wonders. From time to time, the Royal Family will evaluate (score) your progress and reward you with riches and/or victory points (VP). Make sure you keep pace with all the other noble families, because if you don’t, you could be leaving VP behind, and the game may end before you’re ready. The noble family that earns the most VP wins.

Content of the box:
• 1 Game Board
• 2 Wheels
• 1 Wheel Base
• 36 Building Tiles
• 6 Monument Tiles
• 8 Improvement Tiles
• 42 Building Blocks
• 1 Building Block Bag
• 42 Decorations
• 63 Florin Coins
• 32 Scoring Markers
• 4 Screens
• 8 Victory Point Markers
• 4 Player Boards
• 44 Statues
• 1 Royal Court Board
• 1 Royal Visit Marker
• 1 Rulebook