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Potemkin Empire

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In POTEMKIN EMPIRE, you will play the role of a mayor of a small Russian village.

You will attempt to impress Empress Catherine by convincing her that you have the most prosperous and stable village in the land. But with her visit quickly approaching there’s no time to really fix your village so you’re just going to have to make it look as impressive as possible. That is to say, you’re faking it.

You’ll accomplish this by drafting interior cards which are either real or fake, then combining them with facades to construct an imposing, if flimsy, kingdom. You will score points by producing goods in your industrial buildings, exposing opponents’ fake buildings with spies, constructing government and cultural buildings, and passing off fake buildings as real ones. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Product Stats
3 - 5

Playing Time:
45 - 45 Minutes

Min Age:

Daily Magic Games

Bluffing, City Building, Deduction

Closed Drafting, Hand Management

Jonathan Woodard (II)

Constan Lerois

Year Published: