Redneck Life Expansion: Bustin' A Gut!

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Contents: 10 Home photo cards 20 Rig cards and holder 50 Go Redneckin' Cards 3 New Charts, with new names and careers Modified instructions (with slightly meaner rules!) Expansion Instructions: Shuffle the new Go Redneckin' Cards into the original pack. Use both sets of homes. Shuffle, place face down on the board. Use only the new Rig Rodeo (blue back). If it runs out of Rigs, then bring in the original set (black back). Use only the new expansion charts, not a combination of charts. If you run out of 'Scrams, use a token as a $500 debt (beer cap, real dollar, pork choose). Cut out and place the new name chart over the original name chart. Game owner settles disputes that arise during the game