Sails Of Glory Starter Set

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‚¬Å“England expects that every man will do his duty...‚¬?
(Admiral Nelson addressing his men at Trafalgar)
Sails of Glory® is a game system that allows players to
recreate naval battles during the Age of Sail, using cards
and pre-painted and assembled ship miniatures.
In Sails of Glory players will sail and fight with massive
ships-of-the-line or swift frigates, in an age where the
armies and fleets of the French Emperor Napoleon I
battled across the seas, against the powerful Royal Navy
of the British Empire in dramatic naval battles, such as
Trafalgar and the Battle of the Nile.
This Sails of Glory Starter Set is a complete game for 2-4
players that includes everything you need to recreate the
epic naval battles of the of the ‚¬Å“Age of Sail‚¬?, but may be
expanded with additional Ship Packs to allow for larger
battles with different ships.
Sails of Glory is fast playing and easy-to-learn. The Basic
Rules give you a very simple starting point to start playing
minutes after opening this box. After you're familiar with
the Basic Rules, or if you are an experienced gamer, you
may use the Standard or Advanced Rules, to make the
game more challenging and realistic.
Four ships, two French and two British, are included, each
ship complemented by a specific maneuver deck and ship
log. Also included is a full color rulebook, counters, and
accessories, to start playing out of the box in mere minutes.