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Sentinels Of The Multiverse: Ambuscade

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Ansel G. Moreau, world-famous French action movie star, has a few dark secrets. His hobby of big game hunting has spiraled out of control ‚¬€œ his constant need for bigger and more threatening prey has him hunting the very heroes that protect the earth! To this end, he employed a shady genetics corporation to give him superpowers, but the process went terribly wrong, scarring his million-dollar face and ending his acting career.

However, he did gain some new, energy-manipulation abilities from the process, which he plans to put to good use. Taking the name Ambuscade, he employs his new powers and a vast arsenal to hunt the heroes he considers to be the most dangerous and powerful. At the top of his list? Haka, the ageless Maori warrior. No one else could provide a sufficient . . .

Product Stats
2 - 5

Playing Time:
60 - 60 Minutes

Min Age:

Greater Than Games

Card Game, Expansion

Cooperative Game

Christopher Badell, Paul Bender, Adam Rebottaro

Adam Rebottaro

Year Published: