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SHASN is a political strategy board game where every player takes on the role of a politician in the midst of a political campaign. With each turn, players must draw an Ideology Card and take stands on divisive and urgent political issues. These choices will help them gather resources to influence voters or purchase strategic powers. Players can build diverse Ideologies with every policy decision, to best reflect their beliefs and play style. As they progress in the game, players must choose between sticking to their ideals or molding them as per their needs. In a game of trading, coercion, and strategy, players must do whatever it takes to survive and dominate.

The map is split into 9 zones with each zone having a different voter-count required to form a maj. . .
SKU GAD01101
Product Stats
3 - 5

Playing Time:
90 - 120 Minutes

Min Age:

Gadfly Studios

Negotiation, Political, Territory Building

Alliances, Area Majority / Influence, Set Collection, Simulation, Take That

Zain Memon

Soumik Lahiri

Year Published: