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Free Shipping at $35 for a limited time! *New orders only, exclusions apply

Star Wars: Outer Rim

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Far from the shadows of Coruscant’s skyscrapers lies the dangerous Outer Rim. To many citizens, the galaxy's edge represents a hive of scum and villainy that is better left ignored. But to the scoundrels of the galaxy, the Outer Rim represents opportunity. If you can survive the harsh conditions of the edge of space, you may just find yourself emerging from the grime of the underworld as one of the most famous scoundrels in the galaxy.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Star Wars™: Outer Rim, a game of bounty hunters, mercenaries, and smugglers for one to four players!

In Outer Rim, you take on the role of an underworld denizen, setting ou. . .

Product Stats
1 - 4

Playing Time:
120 - 180 Minutes

Min Age:

Fantasy Flight Games


Closed Drafting, Dice Rolling, Variable Player Powers

Corey Konieczka, Tony Fanchi

Borja Pindado Arribas, Balaskas, Tiziano Baracchi, Bernard Bittler, Colin Boyer, Matt Bradbury, Mark Bulahao, Adam Burn, J. B. Casacop, Alexandre Dainche, Anthony Devine, Aurore Folny, Mariusz Gandzel, Caitlin Ginther, Zach Graves, Marko Horvatin, Audrey Hotte, Rafał Hrynkiewicz, Joel Hustak, Łukasz Jaskólski, Jeff Lee Johnson, Jason Juta, David Kegg, Yigit Koroglu, Sam Lamont, Adam Lane, Ignacio Bazán Lazcano, Antonio José Manzanedo, Mark Molnar, Toujer Moua, Reiko Murakami, Jake Murray, Ameen Naksewee, David Auden Nash, Mike Nash, Maciej Rebisz, Emilio Rodriguez, Alexandru Sabo, Michael Silsby, Stephen Somers, Jonas Springborg, Nicholas Stohlman, Darren Tan, Francisco Rico Torres, Andreia Ugrai, Ryan Valle, Magali Villeneuve, Jimmy Zhang, Ben Zweifel

Year Published: