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Talisman: The Dragon Expansion

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Playing with The Dragon expansion for Talisman, players will encounter even more choices and strategic challenges, including a new, dual-sided Inner Region for their heroes to conquer. The alternate sides allow players to face familiar terrain along a path that requires all new tactics, or to venture into the Dragon Tower, where a hero's every step meets opposition by the Dragon King's minions and leads him ever closer to an ultimate confrontation with the Dragon King, himself.

The Dragon brings to life six new characters to confront the draconic challenges that lie ahead. Over 300 new tokens and cards expand the Draconic Lords' influence over the land of Talisman and weave each Dr. . .

Product Stats
2 - 6

Playing Time:
90 - 90 Minutes

Min Age:


Adventure, Expansion, Fantasy

Dice Rolling, Roll / Spin and Move, Variable Player Powers

John Goodenough

Even Mehl Amundsen, Tim Arney-O'Neil, Ryan Barger, Massimiliano Bertolini, Yoann Boissonnet, Eric Braddock, Christopher Burdett, Felicia Cano, Anna Christenson, Traci Cook, Trevor Cook, Julie Dillon, Szügyi Gábor, Tom Garden, Pavel Guzenko, Kelly Harris, Paul Herbert, Ralph Horsley, David Kegg, McLean Kendree, MuYoung Kim, Matt Larson, Brandon Leach, Chris Malidore, Jeremy McHugh, Brynn Metheney, Anna Mohrbacher, John Moriarty, Andrew Olson, Héctor Ortiz, Grzegorz Pedrycz, Mark Poole, Arkady Roytman, Amanda Sartor, Thom Scott, Alexandr Shaldin, John Stanko, Allison Theus, Cory Turner, Frank Walls, Shane Watson, Drew Whitmore, Joe Wilson, Mark Winters

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