The Big Book of Madness: The Vth Element

by iello
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The Magic Turns Dark!

You fool, opened the cursed book! Young magicians, you must cooperate to repeal the terrible creatures that invade our world.

Deploy your spells and combine the magic of the four elements to defeat the monsters! Will you close the book before madness seizes you?

The expansion The Vth element introduces a new Book of Madness, more challenging than ever. Face new terrifying monsters and discover new mechanics. Will you be able to overcome your Phobias and master the Dark Matter? Fortunately, new Magicians join the team!

• 12 Dark Curse cards
• 28 Dark Matter cards
• 5 Dark matter tokens
• 20 Dark Book cards
• 16 Phobia cards
• 4 Magician sheets
• 13 Grimoire cards
• 1 rulebook