The Walking Dead: All Out War - Core Set

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The battle for survival from the smash hit ‚¬ËœThe Walking Dead' series comes to the Tabletop... The base game contains all you need to get playing The Walking Dead miniatures game All Out War.

‚¬¢ Highly detailed miniatures of Rick and Carl
‚¬¢ An opposing band of 4 desperate survivors
‚¬¢ A horde of 12 different Walker models
‚¬¢ Custom ‚¬ËœThe Walking Dead' dice set
‚¬¢ Complete 40 page rulebook for pitched PvP battles
‚¬¢ Quick start guide offering new players a walk-through rules intro
‚¬¢ Extra rules for solo play and upgraded scenery rules
‚¬¢ All the cards and counters you need to play