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This War of Mine: Days of the Siege Expansion

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It seems this horrible siege is a natural way of life for us now. With no help coming from outside Pogoren, we focus solely on everyday survival. Often in this struggle we forget we are not the most vulnerable. We forget there are the young ones who have lost their mothers and fathers, and it is up to us to give them a chance for future. Any future. The question is – how much will it cost us?

As time passes, old grudges and grievances resurface among city inhabitants. There are people ready to play on such hatred that can be found only among long-time neighbors. Grazni soldiers are more numerous these days, while rumors about Vyseni freedom fighters infiltrating the city can be heard on the streets almost every day.
With Pogoren’s resources already stretched so deadly thin. . .

Product Stats
1 - 6

Playing Time:
45 - 120 Minutes

Min Age:

Ares Games

Adventure, Expansion, Mature / Adult, Exploration, Modern Warfare, Video Game Theme

Cooperative Game, Storytelling, Worker Placement, Action Points, Grid Movement, Push Your Luck, Simulation

Marek Mydel, Michał Oracz, Mateusz Szupik

Bartek Fedyczak, Paweł Kurowski, Michał Lechowski, Paweł Niziołek, Michał Oracz

Year Published: