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Ticket To Ride: Europe - 15th Anniversary Edition

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When it was obvious Ticket to Ride was doing well, it seemed a natural progression to design a European map.

As with all subsequent expansions, I wanted this map to have some changes that would make it seem slightly different from the USA map, while retaining the same basic game play and being just as easy for new players to learn. The additions of the tunnels and ferries add some more luck to the game but don’t really change the basic strategies. The biggest difference is there are many more small routes and no obvious network choice like the coast to coast strategy in the USA.

The anniversary edition uses beautiful new train cars and art, and super-sizes the game. It also gives players tons of new ticket combinations to create an infinitely replayable gam. . .

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Days Of Wonder


Closed Drafting, Hand Management, Network and Route Building, Set Collection