Ultra Pro: Magic the Gathering Deck Box - Black Lotus Pro 100+

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Store and protect your favorite deck with this Magic: The Gathering PRO-100+ Deck Box, sized to fit 100 standard size (2.5" x 3.5") gaming cards double sleeved in Ultra PRO Deck Protector sleeves. The box features detailed, full color Black Lotus artwork from Magic: The Gathering and is a great addition to your MTG collection. This box is light, easy-to-carry and made with archival-safe, rigid polypropylene material. The self-locking lid design with write-on strip makes it easy to secure and identify your deck, while thumb notch sections provide easy access to cards. Each box comes with one (1) deck divider with full color artwork.•Magic: The Gathering PRO-100+ Deck Box to store and protect your valuable decks Holds up to 100 standard size gaming cards double sleeved in Ultra PRO Deck Protector sleeves Vibrant, full-color, classic Black Lotus artwork from the popular Magic: The Gathering trading card game Made with archival-safe, non-PVC rigid polypropylene material Each box comes with 1 bonus deck divider