We Didn't Playtest This Either With Dice Are Fun

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The sequel to end all sequels! WDPT: Either brings a full new deck of cards, crazy and amazing in all ways, just like the original. This can be played as a standalone game, or you can shuffle it and combine it with the original, for complete and total insanity :D Voting, Bananas, and the ominous Shark are just some of the many excellent cards
DICE ARE FUN EXPANSION (NOW INCLUDED WITH PLAYTEST: EITHER) Dice are Fun is our second pack-style expansion! It works similarly to the Chaos Pack in that it is a separate deck from the main cards. To play a card from the Dice are Fun deck, a player must discard two star cards (or four normal cards) from their hand. A card is flipped, lots of dice are rolled, and excitement is had. Why? Because Dice are Fun! You need dice to play with this pack. But you have dice already! ...don't you?