Wings Of Glory Ww1 - Nieuport 11 (De Turenne)

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The Nieuport 11 ‚¬Å“Béb邬? was a French single seat fighter aircraft. Reaching the front in early 1916, it outclassed its German opponent, the Fokker Eindecker. It ended the dominance of German aviation, known as the ‚¬Å“Fokker Scourge,‚¬? and gave air superiority to France during the battle of Verdun. The Nieuport 11 performed well in combat thanks to its excellent inherent speed, rate‚¬€œof‚¬€œclimb, and agility. This successful airplane, however, had one limitation ‚¬€œ its lack of a synchronized machine gun, which hampered its offensive capabilities.

Nieuport 11 (De Turenne): Armand de Turenne, a cavalryman before entering the French air force, proved himself a true ‚¬Å“knight of the air,‚¬? sharing his victories with no less than 15 other pilots.