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Zombie Fluxx

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The Fate Of The World Is At Stake, And It's Up To A Small Team Of Dedicated Specialists To Save The Day. Four Diseases Are Spreading Rapidly Throughout The World In Pandemic. Without Cures, Mankind Will Be No More. Work Together As A Team, Playing Upon Your Character's Greatest Strengths To Develop Cures Before It's Too Late. In The Process Of Working On Cures, Your Team Has To Try To Stop The Spread Of The Diseases As Well. Every Character Has Their Own Set Of Abilities To Aid The Team. This Exciting Cooperative Board Game Is Perfect For Game Night. With Varying Levels Of Difficulty, Fighting Disease May Just Become Your Favorite Activity. Are You Ready To Turn The Tide Against The Deadly Infections Threatening Humanity? Highlights: Winner Of Several Awards Like 2009 Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Award, 2008 Meeples' Choice Award, And Best International Game 2009 Every Game Is Different Because Of Varying Roles And Starting Points Of Infection An Addictively Funa Cooperative Game! Contents: Board, Showing The World's Major Cities 7 Role Cards, With Matching Pawns 6 Research Stations 6 Wooden Markers 96 Disease Cubes 48 Infection Cubes 59 Player Cards Reference Cards And Rulebook.