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Exit: The Game - The Abandoned Cabin - Review - Boardlandia

Exit: The Game - The Abandoned Cabin - Review

Over the weekend we cracked open our copy of Exit: The Game - The Abandoned Cabin.

Something you should know about us before I tell you how the game went - we love doing Escape Rooms and have done all of the local ones. 

This game felt like an actual Escape Room. However instead of having a set amount of time, you just started a stop watch of how long it took you to exit the cabin. 

The game starts by setting a scenario for you and giving you a few in's and out's of how to play the game. Then you're off. To set the scene you are given pictures of the cabin you are locked in. Along the way you have to solve riddles and puzzles that take you one step closer to exiting. Like an Escape Room you find clues along the way that don't necessarily get used right away.  You also bent, folded, or cut parts of the game which felt pretty exciting for me.

Overall, we loved it. Like I said earlier the game was like an Escape Room in your house. The puzzles and riddles were challenging and required thought. Some people don't like that it is a "play it once" type of game but this is how I think of it: I pay $30 PER PERSON to do an Escape Room. Exit can be played in your house for only $12.33. Pretty good deal if you think about it.

We also carry versions The Secret Lab (Kennerspiel des Jahres 2017 Nominee) and The Pharaoh's Tomb. If you like escape rooms, stop in and grab a copy, it's a must play! 

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Jason Meier - July 7, 2017

Hey guys. My wife and I also did our first escape room game (Exit: The Pharaoh’s Tomb) this week and absolutely had a blast. I have always been intrigued by the idea of actual escape rooms, but have never done an in-person one. Highly recommend The Pharaoh’s Tomb as we are still buzzing about the puzzles a few days later.

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