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Due to the influx of orders, expect order shipping to take longer than normal.
Due to the influx of orders, expect order shipping to take longer than normal.
Why a board game store!? - Boardlandia

Why a board game store!?

So those of you who are new to Boardlandia may not know about our mission. What's the point! Why a board game store?

Let me fill you in. 

A few years ago Tim and I started to get into board games more seriously. We played every Friday night at a friends house (this has recently changed to every other Friday since we brought a tiny human into our lives, aka our son Oliver). This friend had a huge collection so we were always learning new games. 

We started to build our own collection of games slowly. One of the games that we purchased was Caverna. We went to our local board game store and paid about $100 for our copy of Caverna. The next day a friend told us about Boardlandia so we went to check it out. We couldn't believe that he was selling it for $70! Instant converters right then and there. We were going to stick with Boardlandia because it was always cheaper and the owner would order games that we wanted.

Fast forward to a few months ago when we heard Boardlandia was for sale. We kind of joked that we could buy it and I would quit teaching to run the store. It was, after all, our goal maybe 5 - 10 years down the road to have a board game cafe. As the days passed we started to talk more and more about buying Boardlandia. We realized it was something we could do now and something we really wanted. So we did it! 

We loved that Boardlandia offered board games for a more affordable price (never MSRP). It drew us in as customers and it's something we intend to keep as the mission for Boardlandia.

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